Monday, 21 September 2015

The 'real' Situation Cards

My wife is awesome except for the odd occasion when she stomps all over one of bright ideas. Then, obviously she turns into an insufferable little smarty pants.

Such an event happened recently, when I showed her some of my blog articles. On reading the stuff I had written on Situation Cards, she simply said:

"Hmmm.... these look like Social Stories..."

What? Surely, you must be mistaking my incredibly creative Situation Cards with something else.... Turns out, not.

Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations are used to help kids with autism understand social situations.

Although the value I was trying to derive from Situation Cards is slightly different, the medium and concept are the same. These have been around since the early 1990's and were created by Carol Grey.

There is a load of information on these which is well worth diving into if you found the idea interesting. For example, Carol Grey uses colours to indicate different feelings or ideas.

Although this was designed to help kids with Autism, Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations have been used with a wide range of people and circumstances, so why not understanding business value too?

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