Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Sarcastic Scrum Master

As a Brit I am unbelievably sarcastic at times. Some might say uncontrollably, which can cause problems.

Just recently, I have been trying to channel this urge for good. I do this using my new favourite start to a conversation, "If Only...". This is the setup for my call to action, delivered with a sarcastic punch.

Here is an example:

Frustrated Developer: "GOD! What is going on with communication in this team? Nobody seems to know what is going on, everybody is running around like headless chickens - it's soooooo frustrating!"

Sarcastic Scrum Master: "Oh, that is SOOOO true! If only there was a point in the day when we are all gathered, in receive mode and trying to actively organise ourselves. That would be a great time to share knowledge or highlight a conversation that might need to happen."

Frustrated Developer: "What? Like the standup...."

Sarcastic Scrum Master: "OMG! I had forgotten about that! You're right that would be a good time to share things with the team. You would need to remember to say something of course, maybe we could add some sort of cue for you to let the team know something important...."

Frustrated Developer: "Erm. Like when you say 'Is there anything else that we need to share?"

Sarcastic Scrum Master: "Hey! You're right. I DO say that everyday.... what a ninny. That would be a super time to let the team know anything that they should be aware of."

It would be so easy to just say "That's what we have the stand up for" and be done but there is no learning attached to that.

Yes this is gently mocking and I know it works in my team with the relationships I have built. Your distance may vary.