Tuesday, 2 September 2014

No UX for you!

A few years ago, a designer friend said that we should load a different UI for older browsers. He wanted to make it look horrible and have the bare minimum functionality that we could get away with.

At the time, we basically ignored him and put it down to too much beer the night before. It turns out he might have been on to something, if this is anything to go by:


Guess this just goes to prove how important the user experience is. His notion that a terrible user experience would force people to move or upgrade might have been a stroke of genius. Lets face it, nothing else seems to have worked!


Dan said...

Excellent! what a great plan. It is so funny to watch people use out of date stuff when they are used to more modern approaches. However, some of the old may actually feel at home with the terrible 1990's UI's or bad experiences.

RichardArpino said...

That is a good point, maybe some people will feel almost nostalgic? I wonder also if designs cycle and eventually become fashionable because they have become retro: http://www.fabricland.co.uk/

Dan said...

oh... truly beautiful. A creation of such beauty.... I...I.. cannot see, my eyes...... help.

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